What Are Power Connectors?

Power connectors or AC power plugs are devices that enable electronic devices to be connected to the primary power supply in the wall. Power connectors come in differing voltage and current ratings and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types of connectors. The type of power connector that is used is primarily based on the country the item is made for use in.

By definition the plug is a mobile connector that is attached to an electronic device. The socket by definition is a fixed structure in a wall that connects to the electrical system in a building. The plug has protruding prong, blades or pins that coordinate with the holes in a socket. Plugs are referred to as male and sockets are referred to as female.

In general, a power connector is referred to as a plug. It is also called a power plug, electric plug or plug top. The socket is referred to as a socket or sometimes people refer to it as an outlet. It is also referred to as a power point, plug socket, wall socket or wall plug. A socket is covered by a protective cover called a wall plate, face plate or outlet cover.

Power connectors for portable electronic devices were first introduced in the 1880s. Before power connectors were plugged into the wall people plugged appliances into light sockets. When light socket plugs were replaced by wall-mounted outlets a variety of plugs and sockets were developed to address the issues of convenience and to protect people against electric shock. Today there are exactly 20 types of plugs used across the globe. Many of these sockets are obsolete and cannot be used with modern sockets.

In order to facilitate trade and to benefit user convenience, technical standards has allowed for power sockets to be compatible in a wide range of regions. This makes it easier for people to travel with appliances and it makes it easier for appliances to be sold on a global level. There are some multi-standard sockets made that are compatible with a variety of plugs. If you improvise or alter a socket to be compatible with another type of plug the safety of the improvised electronic device cannot be guaranteed.

The Importance of Buying Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

When you buy commercial washing equipment you have to be prepared to part with a lot of money. One commercial washing machine that holds 30 pounds of laundry can run you $9,000. And that’s just the washers, you need dryers too. Commercial laundry mat equipment is expensive, but it is built to withstand a lot of washing. If you buy good equipment it can last years with regular maintenance. You will definitely make your money back.

If you are going to buy coin-operated laundry machines you want to get washers that have a steel drum. There are a few different reasons to opt for washing machines with steel drums. Steel drums stand the test of time and they are very sturdy. Steel drums also resist rust.

Most coin operated machines are digital now. This allows you to easily change the price it costs your customers for a load of wash. They also let you track how much electricity and water your machine is using. You can use these features to determine what the right coast per load is in order for you to make a fair profit. Opt for a top loading machine. They save water and energy.

Commercial washing machines have a lot of advantages. First and foremost, they have the ability to wash larger loads. In general, they perform better than your standard household washers. For instance, you can’t wash a large comforter or area rug in a household washing machine and you can in a commercial washing machine.

Before you buy a commercial laundry equipment it is best to do some research you want to compare different features and prices. You should also look at reviews. Doing your homework will enable you to get equipment that functions well and makes you money.

In addition to commercial washing machine and commercial dryers, there is other machines you need for running a successful laundromat. You need a vending machine for laundry supplies like detergent and fabric softener. It is also good to have food vending machines so customers can have a snack while they wait for their laundry to be done.

Best Choices:

Whirlpool 2.9-CU Ft Coin Operated Top Load Commercial Washer
This top-load style makes doing laundry simple. It is affordable and it has three wash cycles that make doing laundry easy.

Whirlpool 7.4 CU-FT Coin Operated Electric Commercial Dryer
Three cycles make it easy to dry your load of laundry. Designed and tested to have twice the life of a household dryer.

Why Dried Eggs Are Good For Dog Food

When it comes to feeding your dog eggs are topic of hot debate. Some people think eggs are great for dogs while others think they are bad. Eggs are high in cholesterol and when raw they pose a risk for salmonella food poisoning. But dried egg in dog food far outweighs the negatives.

Eggs are a complete food source. They are the most complete source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Eggs are very nutritious they are a good source of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Fatty acids

Eggs whites contain enzyme inhibitors. This is one of the drawbacks. Enzyme inhibitors can interfere with digestion. This is especially true in very young and very old animals. It is safe to feed your dog small amounts of egg. Dried egg in your dog food is perfectly safe. If you notice any digestive upset after feeding your dog a diet with dried eggs you should stop feeding them to him.

Just for fun … how about a baby laughing at a dog eating popcorn???

Egg whites can cause biotin deficiency. Egg whites contain a substance called avidin. Avidin is a biotin inhibitor. Biotin is a B Vitamin that is essential to cellular growth, fatty acid metabolism and it helps maintain a healthy skin and coat. In order to affect an amount of biotin that would be significant you would need to feed your dog a diet exclusively of egg. A little bit of dry egg in your dog food is not harmful. And as long as you feed your dog the whole egg and not just the whites, you are okay.

Eggs contain salmonella. Dogs are well-equipped to handle the bacteria in raw foods. But, you don’t have to worry about that because dried egg is not raw.

Include the shells. If you feed your dog eggs with the shells on you are feeding him a near complete food source. Dried egg has the shells in it.

At the end of the day the benefits of eggs as pet food ingredients far outweigh the negatives. They are very high in animal protein, which is very important part of a balanced diet for dogs. Plus, the fatty acids help improve the consition of a dog’s skin and coat. After they eat eggs on regular basis it will rid them of dry flaky skin and make their coat shiny.

Best Roofing Materials For Longevity

Roofing isn’t really exciting, but in most cases it is essential. Most homeowners just want to get the job done so they don’t have to worry about it anymore. For most homeowners they just want the job done attractively and for a reasonable cost. When you need a new roof you have options when it comes to choosing a roof material. Below we have listed the best roofing materials in terms of longevity they are in no particular order.

Composite or Asphalt Shingles

Composite shingles are also called asphalt shingles. This is by far the most popular type of roofing material available. These shingles are made of fiberglass and they are topped with asphalt and mineral granules. Most asphalt shingles have a 20 to 30-year warranty. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and they are also easy to replace if one comes loose.

Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing is commonly used on outbuildings and low residential structures. Rolled roofing comes in roll that is 100 square feet and 3 feet wide. It is good for sheds and workshops where aesthetics are not important.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is not just for warehouses and industrial buildings. Metal roofs have come a log way in more recent years. They used to be used for commercial buildings and now they look great on residential structures. They are good because they are fire resistant and they aren’t able to be damaged by wood-boring insects like carpenter ants and termites. Metal roofs are expensive, but they add to the resale value of your home.

Slate Shingles

Slate is made of real stone. Slate is expensive. Slate has to be installed by an installer that is experienced in working with it. The primary draw of slate is the aesthetic appearance. It looks good and it s durable. It will hold up to weather conditions.

Green Roof

A green roof is a little unorthodox, but it holds a lot of promise. A green roof can put oxygen back into the air and provide thermal installation to your home. It will absorb rainwater and it can even help your plants grow. How does this work? You simply layer your roof with a waterproof membrane and make sure there is adequate drainage. Green roofs can be capable of supporting large plants and people. They can also only be capable of supporting lightweight growth like moss.

SEO Explained: A Modern Technology Takes Center Stage

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization or search engine optimizer. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics that are used to increase the volume of visitors to a given website. The tactics get the website a high ranking or placement on a search engine results page or serp. This includes search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

It is not uncommon for users of the Internet not to click through multiple pages of search results. For that reason, it is important that your website ranks on the first page of the search engine results for your associated keywords and keyword phrases. For a site to get enough traffic it must be high in the search engine results. The higher a website ranks naturally on a search engine results page the more visitors that site will have.

SEO companies like 417 Marketing help to ensure that a site is accessible to search engines and improves the chances that the site will be found by a search engine. SEO is typically a set of tactics that web masters and web content producers use to help them achieve a better ranking in the search engine results.

In search engine optimization terminology white hat refers to the use of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience. He white hat tactics follow search engine rules and policies. For example, a website that is optimized for search engines, but focuses on relevancy and organic rankings. They may use keywords, backlinking, and link building to boost their search engine ranking. White hat tactics are used by people who intend to make a long-term investment into their website.

In search engine optimization black hat refers to the aggressive use of SEO strategies. The tactics used aim more towards attracting search engines rather than attracting people. Some examples of black hat techniques would include keyword stuffing, Invisible texts, doorway pages and adding unrelated keywords to a page. Black hat techniques are used by people that are looking for a quick financial return from their website. They have no desire for long-term success. Using black hat techniques can get you banned from search engine.