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Top Motor Oil Brands

In general, most car owners change their oil about every 3,000 miles. Engine oil is an essential component of vehicle maintenance. Consumers each have their own way of deciding which products they should use when they need an oil change. Quality and price are two important factors vehicle owners should consider when they are choosing a motor oil for their car. They need to consider dependability, longevity and credibility of the motor oil company.


Castrol is one of the leading motor oil brands in the industry. Popular Mechanics magazine listed Castrol as their favorite brand of motor oil in 2009. There are different types of Castrol. You can chose from Castrol GTX, Castrol High Mileage, Castrol Syntec, Castrol Syntec Blend and Castrol Edge.


Pennzoil is another popular brand of motor oil. Pennzoil offers a wide range of motor oils that cater to different needs. Pennzoil Ultra is a full synthetic that prevents the surface essential engine parts from becoming contaminated with dirt, debris and sludge. Pennzoil Platinum is an advanced full synthetic motor oil that helps clean up a good percentage of sludge in the initial oil change. Pennzoil also has a motor oil that is designed for vehicles with high mileage. Pennzoil SUV Minivan Blend combine conventional and synthetic oil to protect against contamination on larger vehicles.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a high-end motor oil brand. They manufacture a line of different motor oils like Mobil Extended Performance. They also make Mobil Clean 7500, and Mobil Clean 5000. They also make oil for vehicles with higher mileage like Mobil 1 High Mileage. They even have a motor oil called Extended Performance that guarantees protection of vital engine parts for up to 15,000 miles.


Amsoil is an environmentally friendly company that formulates extended life synthetic motor oils. Their formula offers engine protection up to 7,500 or six months. They even have a motor oil that is designed for European brand cars. The Premium Protection is designed to meet the needs of diesel-powered vehicles.

Picking an oil for your car may seem like a simple task, but it is more involved than one might think. You can check the owner’s manual of your car for suggestions. When all else fails consult a trusted mechanic.