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How Tangle-Free Fishing Poles Make It Easier Than Ever To Teach Kids to Fish

Trying to teach a child to fish can be frustrating especially when you are dealing with a tangled fishing line. You may have been hoping for a relaxing day of fishing, but tangled fishing lines means you spend your day undoing knots. Thankfully you can buy tangle-free fishing poles to make teaching kids how to fish less frustrating. Below we have listed the benefits of tangle-free fishing poles.

Fewer Knots

Untangling a fishing line can be time consuming. You don’t have unlimited time to fish with your kids, you need to make the most of every minute you have. Regular fishing line is thin and transparent, so it tangles easily and it’s hard to undo the knots. It is extremely difficult to free fishing line once it has been knotted. A child’s memories of fishing shouldn’t be of dad trying to untangle the line. The way that tangle-free fishing line is designed it is far less likely for you to develop a knot.

Less Fishing Line

Fishing line isn’t very expensive, but if you are constantly cutting out knots and replacing lines you will run out of fishing line more often. With tangle-free fishing line you won’t have to make quick trips to the store for new fishing line. You won’t have to constantly fix your child’s fishing pole after it becomes tangled. Not worrying about running out of fishing line while you are relaxing at the lake is a big deal.

Happier Kids

Most importantly because tangle-free fishing poles will prevent stubborn knots, which can cause frustration for both parent and child when they are fishing. Tangle-free fishing line means a happier day. Your child won’t be tempted to throw a tantrum because their fishing line isn’t working. You won’t have to put your own fishing line down to untangle your child’s line.

More Fish

If your child can actually keep their line in the water they might actually catch something. This will make your child happy and you will be pleased with their progress learning fishing. It also means that you can keep your line in the water, which means you are likely to catch more fish.